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U.S. Founding Government Documents:
Clicking on this link will take you to Charters of Freedom, a web site for people who want to read and learn about the original founding documents of the United States government. Take a step back in time to 1789 to have a look...

AC_SM_Declaration_Pg1of1_AC.jpg AC_SM_Constitution_Pg1of4_AC.jpg AC_SM_Constitution_Pg2of4_AC.jpg AC_SM_Constitution_Pg3of4_AC.jpg AC_SM_Constitution_Pg4of4_AC.jpg AC_SM_Bill_of_Rights_Pg1of1_AC.jpg

U.S. Government Structure: Below is a diagram showing the structure of the United States' government. At the top is the document that leads our country, the Constitution; below the Constitution are the three Branches of Government; below them are the various departments managed by the Executive Branch; and finally below these are what are the Independent Organizations, who work closely with all branches of government but are lead and function without direct supervision of any branch.


For a more colorful version of the above (thanks to Bob):