Welcome to American Cultural History Through Music and Song

This class is intended to provide a living component to accompany the information we will be covering about modern American history. We will be examining the songs and music made and enjoyed by people living in the time periods that we cover, and this will hopefully connect you to the people and sentiment of the time we study. The majority of this course will consist of in class lectures and listening activities. On this page, you will find links to our classroom powerpoints, as well as to readings that will describe in further detail the topics covered in class.

      • Weekly Assignment *** Every week, you and your group are responsible for using your research skills to track down one internet resource to post on our discussion page. The resource should be related to either the type of music we are covering, or an important artist that represents the music we have been studying that week. You are only required one post per group, but if you find more than one relevant source I encourage you to post extra sources. If a group has already posted the source that you found, you need to find a new source. All students must follow these postings, as there may be pop-quizzes covering the material posted. Good luck!

Class Outline/Schedule: on this page you will find a working outline of our class lecture material, as well as links to online readings dealing with the topics we cover. I encourage you to explore the topics that interest you in depth, and not to feel limited by what I have linked to this page - there is a vast supply of information out there at your disposal. If you do find online material that you think is relevant to our class material, please send me links to add to our collection.

Powerpoints and Class Notes: some of our lectures will be based on ppts that I have prepared. When available, I will post them here.